About Shoalhaven Superheroes

Who We Are

Superheroes Events Limited is a not-for-profit volunteer company and is the organiser of the Shoalhaven Superheroes Festival. Superheroes Events Limited was established in November 2014 and organised the inaugural Berry POP – POP Culture Event which took place on 5, 6 & 7 December 2014. This led to the introduction of the expanded Shoalhaven Superheroes Festival in 2015 and the initial creation of fictional POP Worlds in the Shoalhaven Region to establish the Shoalhaven as the Superheroes Capital of NSW/Australia. The first POP World created was the Berry POP – The Shire of Berry Potter, which covers the geographical area of Berry, Jaspers Brush, Coolangatta and Shoalhaven Heads in which Harry Potter events and activities take on an annual basis.

Other fictional POP Worlds have since been created including Bomaderry POP (Volunteers Capital), Nowra POP (Superheroes Capital), Nowra Alive POP (Creative Arts Capital) and Ulladulla POP (Pirates World). More Culture Worlds coming to your Shoalhaven area soon.

Superheroes Events Limited Director David Arakie is the Founder and Festival Organiser of Berry POP – POP Culture Event and the Shoalhaven Superheroes Festival.

Our Mission

To make the Shoalhaven the Superheroes Capital of New South Wales & Australia.

What We Do

We organise the Shoalhaven Superheroes Festival and a variety of POP Culture events. We are creating unique fictional POP Worlds throughout the Shoalhaven region including, Berry POP (Shire of Berry Potter), Bomaderry POP (Volunteers Capital) Nowra POP (Superheroes Capital), Nowra Alive POP (Creative Arts Capital). Ulladulla POP (Pirates World). More POP Culture Worlds coming to your Shoalhaven area soon.

Our Passion

Encouraging, Recognising, Supporting and Celebrating Volunteerism in the Shoalhaven Region. Our real Shoalhaven Superheroes!